Exams, exams, EXAAAAAAMS!!

So… that time of the year again, eh, for you Northern Hemispherers =P

Coz us Southerns are on holiday 🙂

But don’t feel bad. The tables do turn on us. A few times each year…

There is NO reason to freak out though, because I have put together a spell that will magically turn all your grades into the best there is.

Just kidding.

Sorry, that was a bit mean. I feel bad now, so I’ll give you something you can work with here:


You won’t be magically zapped to the secret location of my spell, but you will be equipped with some helpful hints by the end of the article 🙂

Good luck people, break a leg! (not literally… =S and just for the record I take no responsibilities for any injuries inflicted on you after having read that)



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