Sonthush Subramaniam

Sonthush Subramaniam

okay this is a tamil film and its so cute and romantic. I got really obsessed with it at first. But that’s died down now. I think you guys should watch it if possible because you will love it too specially if you are a romance crazed day dreamer like me. Anyway, here’s the storyline to help you decide if its a movie worth watching (which i so think is)…

Okay, Santhush is a guy who has obeyed his father all his life. He’s done everything his father’s told him to do; from the clothes he wears and the way he eats his food. In other words, his father has absolute control over his life. Santhush doesn’t like this of course. He wants to live his life the way he wants to. Unlike his brother and sisters, he hates being ordered around in everything he does in life (and when i say everything, i mean everything!). So he makes a pact with himself that he will do two things in his life the way he wants to; getting married and starting a business of his own. In order to keep the promise he made to himself, he and his mates go looking for a girl for him and meets Hasini. Hasini is a happy go lucky, playful girl and instantly, Sonthush is attracted to her. So, they fall in love. This is where the problem comes. Although Sonthush wants to get married by his own free will, his father made him get engaged to a girl the father has chosen. When Hasini finds out, Sonthush tells her that the engagement happened without his full consent and Harsini believes him. But the main problem comes when Sonthush’s father finds out that Sonthush has another lover and it’s definitely not the girl he picked for his son! And so disaster strikes. But Sonthush is determined to make this work. So he suggests that Harsini come and stay with the family for a week and the family can then decide if Harsini is acceptable or not. So, Harsini comes to live with them. All goes well until Hasini’s playful personaliy is taken in to advantage and the family finds out things they are not supposed to know about!!

With that storyline, it’s obvious as the Sky Tower in a clear day that this story is a easy, comical film, with zero complex complications that would make us think. This could be a good film when you’re watching to have some fun and laugh a lot. It’s filled with Genelia D’Souza’s (Hasini) energy, Jayam Ravi’s (Sonthush) bitter sweet anger, Prakash Rajj (Santhush’s dad) strictness, Santhanam’s tear inducing comedy and Devi Sri Prasad’s cool as music!

If i were to rate it it would reach up to a 9/10 (i’m very critical when rating with numbers). To prove how good the film is, here’s a video of one of the songs in the movie…

Hope you go check it out! I definitely loved this film!!!!

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