Api Api Wage

Well, if you’re familiar with this drama, two words: IT’S AWESOME.

Yes, all right, all you people out there who think that I’m wierd for liking drama so much when I’m just a teenager who probably has much better things to do, you are wrong. I like watching drama. You got to admit Sri Lankan drama is really interesting and sometimes they aren’t so lengthy either. So this drama, Api Api Wage, I’ve been watching for a while. The first one was aired beginning of last year and the second one started at the end of last year.

This whole drama runs around the concept of  5 guys who want to be famous singers. They want to sing for the purpose of making music. But they have to face the challenges of the media, money hungry producers, etc. This drama is also based around the  love story of Thisara and Nikinni and the individual problem of each of the band members. Hey, I didn’t say it wouldn’t involve so many subplots; thats just typical drama for you.

There are many surprises and changes along the two seasons. This, I think, is a good element of this story because if you’re going to reflect a story that needs to sound natural, change is an important part. I’m glad this story doesnt have too much of the “i’m so perfect i can’t make mistakes” thing which usually ruins good stories. In any case, I found the drama a nice one to watch. I got to admit season 1 is better than season 2 because, to be honest, season 1 sounds more natural. But curiosity led me to watch season 2 ,anyway, as it would do to you if you decide to watch it. So, i hope you check it out. I’ll add the first part of the first episode below…

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