Baroda/Vadodra, India

Sayajirao III Gaekwad, Maharaja of Borada, 1919.

Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III

So, I haven’t contributed nearly enough to this part of Ebony Ink, I realize that. That realization kind of slaps me every time I look at the Tamil and Sinhala section fully loaded… so, let me write a little bit about my hometown, Vadodara, formerly known as Baroda.

Vadodara is famous for its Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda (M.S.U.) which is the largest university in Gujarat. M.S.U. is very well known for its departments, including the Fine Arts (which my dad attended), Performing Arts, Technology, Management, Psychology,  Social Work, Law and Medicine streams.

Baroda or Vadodara is the third most populated city of Gujarat after Ahmedabad and Surat. It is also known as the Sayaji NagariSayaji’s City after its famous ruler, Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III or Sanskari Nagari (The City of Culture, a reference to its status as the Cultural Capital of Gujarat). Vadodara is home to the beautiful Lakshmi Vilas Palace and many other beautiful buildings that still stand today.

I’m a bit of a visual person, I like the aesthetics of things, so I’m not going to give you an overload of facts… instead, I’m going to show you some awesome pictures I’ve found off the net and some that I’ve taken from my amazing trip there. 🙂

Map of India showing location of Gujarat

Map of India, Gujarat

Dairy Den, basically the 'hangout' for pretty much everyone from teens to uni students and even families

Band Stand- Then

Band Stand

Band Stand- Now

Kalaghoda- Black Horse

Kalaghoda- Now

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