Doses of Magic

Doses of Magic is a page full of magic. It’s a metaphor to describe how awesome the stuff we want to show you is. But let’s not ruin the moment.

This part of our blog has creations of others. Well, this can be anything, right? We’ve, however, managed to categorize other people’s creations in to four sections : Movies, Music, Quotes and Books. Under this page we will bring you the latest and not-so-latest stuff in the movie world, the music world and the book world and quotes we hear or see in our stroll through life. If you’ve been a frequent visitor to our blog, you’ll know that this is actually re-introducing one of our previous features. Nonetheless, don’t worry, we won’t just bring in this page and lay low but we will keep updating it.

You can find the pages to Movies, Music and Books but here’s the link to each page just in case you have trouble finding them:





And feel free to suggest any movies, books, songs or quotes you’ve heard using



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