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Exams, exams, EXAAAAAAMS!!

So… that time of the year again, eh, for you Northern Hemispherers =P

Coz us Southerns are on holiday 🙂

But don’t feel bad. The tables do turn on us. A few times each year…

There is NO reason to freak out though, because I have put together a spell that will magically turn all your grades into the best there is.

Just kidding.

Sorry, that was a bit mean. I feel bad now, so I’ll give you something you can work with here:


You won’t be magically zapped to the secret location of my spell, but you will be equipped with some helpful hints by the end of the article 🙂

Good luck people, break a leg! (not literally… =S and just for the record I take no responsibilities for any injuries inflicted on you after having read that)



More on Exams…

i’m so very sorry if you clicked on this post, all serious and hoping to learn some more real good tips on how to revise and write your exam to get that big and bold EXCELLENCE on your paper….because this post is just stupid (yes, even, i, the creator of this post admit it!). This post is full of nonsense that a sudden but well thought out inspiration had led me to do.

You see…as i was reading Alisha’s post (which has some REAL and helpful hints and tips!) and saw the maths test pic, i got the sudden brainstorm that i shud hop on to google (not literally because that would result in a smashed up laptop that would put me in solitary confinement…my parents version of it!) and seek out some other pics of people’s test papers which they wrote stupid answers on! some of them (hopefully all) are a major crack up!

so here…check ’em out!

I love the last one and to be honest, don’t get most of the other ones. Maybe if you do, you can tell me…lol.

it took me a while to get that lol.

awesome comment!

another version of the pic alisha put on. I gess this is verryyy common in exams lol.

lol. nice elephant.


hey, at least he/she’ll pass his english exam when he/she has to describe things…

thats all for now. hoped you enjoyed!

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