Fred Weasley

To all you who don’t know and is looking at this out of curiosity, Fred Weasley is one of Ron Weasley’s many older brothers in the world famous series Harry Potter. He’s the other half of the trouble making twins who end up being the richest in the family (well, it was going that way last time i read HP 7) even though they ditched their last year of education in the middle of the year, without even taking the exams. Of course, sadly, Fred only shared the golden moments of owning a joke shop a while before he dies under a bombardment of concrete at the battle in Hogwarts at the end of the seventh book. This is a shock that i have not got over although i read that final book a couple of years ago and should be over it by now!

So, even though, many of you may not be a huuuuge fan of Harry Potter and some of the rest of you won’t think this page is very useful because you know everything about Fred that you could possibly know about, you should still check it out because we live in a world with many surprises and you may find out one or two interesting things about Fred you didn’t know about.

The obvious bits about Fred Weasley is that he’s one of Ron’s five older brothers, he was born on April 1st and he has flaming red hair which is a tradition with the Weasley clan (i wander if Ron’s parents ever thought when they married, that they may end up with so many red headed children, possibly enough to change the world of red heads, somehow).

But did you know…that they stole the Marauder’s Map from Filch’s office the first time they (Fred and George) were on detention? This was of course only the beginning of a long Fred-And-George’s rule breaking era. Filch actually has a drawer dedicated to the rulebreaking of Fred and George. Not only that, they had a real knack for finding secret passages, they found one on the first week of their life in Hogwarts. They were the rebellious (not evil) jokers of all time. Apparently. even at a young age, explosions could be heard in their rooms, often. They wanted to keep a joke shop from a young age. In the end of the fourth book, Harry gives them the money he won at the Triwizard Tournament to them so they could use it to start their jokes shop. Then on, they really started to invent things that they would sell in their shop in the future. They had to test some of the inventions so they started to test them on younger Hogwarts students. And here’s what they put up to find suitable students at the school…


Pocket money failing to keep pace with your outgoings?

Like to earn a little extra gold?


Contact Fred and George Weasley,

Gryffindor common room.

for simple, part-time, virtually painless jobs.

(we regret that all work is undertaken at applicant’s own risk)

Yes, they actually put that up.

Moving along…The twins break out of Hogwarts in the 5th book and they don’t go quietly, they go after leaving some memorable marks on the students and the school. When they do, they instantly get to starting the joke shop. In the sixth book, when Harry visits the shop, this was what was on the front, in bright clear letters which was a huge eye-catcher since, by then, the whole of the wizarding world was literally in darkness…




Their shop was called Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes…yes, lots of w’s and z’s it took me while to get the spelling right. Anyway, these are some cool inventions that Fred and George made…


fake wands (GF5),

Weasleys’ Wild-Fire Whiz-Bangs (OP28),

Canary Creams (GF21),

Extendable Ears (OP4),

Skiving Snackboxes (OP),

Headless Hat (OP24),

Nosebleed Nougat (OP12, HBP6),

Portable Swamp (OP29),

Puking Pastilles (OP6),

Ton-Tongue Toffees (GF4, GF5)

Punching telescope (HBP5)

[annotated list of inventions]

For sale at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes (HBP6):

Skiving Snackboxes (Nosebleed Nougat is the most popular)

bins full of trick wands

boxes of quills (Self-Inking, Spell-Checking and Smart-Answer)

Reusable hangman

Patented Daydream Charms

Muggle card and rope tricks

Edible Dark Marks

Shield Charms (hats, cloaks, gloves)

Instant Darkness Powder (imported from Peru)

Decoy Detonators

Joke cauldrons

“WonderWitch” products (love potions, Guaranteed ten-second pimple vanisher)

Pygmy Puffs (miniature puffskeins)

I know, I know, I’ve mostly told you guys about both the twins, not just Fred Weasley. That was unavoidable, these two were brothers and best friends and they did most of the trouble making and jokes together, hardly ever by themselves. That’s why Fred dying was a shocker, a major shocker. And the really sad thing is, apparently, George never got over this loss. When he married Angelina Johnson and they had their first son, George named him Fred.

It’s a sad ending to such a happy part of the book and i don’t know when i’ll get over it…

Anyway, that’s all i have about Fred Weasley today. If you guys know where i got all this info (except the book itself), i got it from the Harry Potter Lexicon. It has everything on HP, even stuff that JK Rowling admitted after the final book. If you want to check it out, i think typing in “Harry Potter Lexicon” will get you there. Seriously, guys check it out, specially if you are a huge fan!

Well, then, cyah, for now!!

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