I am scared.

Sweat trickles down my face; surge of electric fear runs down my back and haunted chills increase the rapid drum of my heart. Darkness flashes by on both sides and swallows me up from the front. The muddy ground squash beneath my feet and spray everywhere like the brown vomit of a greasy monster.

I am running away.

From the demon I run. Him and his servants; built to terrorize, torture and kill. They wore boots that padded lightly on the ground; they seem to be running on hard concrete than mud. They overpower the squeeze of my small feet.

Heart thudding I run. To where, I don’t know. Trees sprint back as I bolt forward. Rain pierce my skin; a stream of cold, bitter vulnerable teardrops, glinting and injecting in to my skin at every chance. The accelerated wind is only helping the stinging rain. The moon is no where to be seen. It has disappeared when I need it’s consoling glow and the warm guidance the most.

I am scared. I am running away. I am cold.

But I must not fail. I must escape. It’s about time life brings me gold. The days of onyx are over.

“She’s close! I see the little twit!” Someone yells.

It is one of the servants; a bulky hunter. Stalking me like a ferocious lion stalks a black and white zebra. A zebra can be camouflaged, hidden from the lion. I have no camouflage against this lion. I am just a girl in use to get money, unlucky to be so rich, to have a careless father and to lose my mother at the age of five. You’re so lucky, zebra.

I run faster. This is my only chance, my only hope. For once luck had come. I was able to escape the small brick prison. I want to hold on to that fortune. I have to hold on. This is my only chance to fully escape, run away, and find a new life. I will not go back to my father’s choking palace. I’m at the brink of insanity because of that monstrous mansion. I will go where I want, where I want to lead my life. Maybe I could have a life in the country, on a little hill, under the stars; a life alone, away from this, the evil of wealth.

I must be strong. I must live through. I must get out.

I am running. Running away.

I take a left turn and trip over something. Something hard. Like metal. I managed to regain balance without falling down. The ground changes. It’s not wholly muddy anymore. It’s half solid and half muddy. I don’t care. I just run.

Then, it appears. Out of the darkness, appear a light.

The clouds stop pouring. The constant injections cease. The wind is slowing. I run faster. Where there is light, there are people and people means safety and the lack of demons.

My breath comes out short and my legs are aching. But I keep running.

Faster, come on, Kyra, run faster.

The yellowish light is closer. It’s definitely a vehicle, maybe a car or a van. Whatever it is, it indicates humans. Actual humans. Not demons.

I don’t think. I just run. There’s a loud noise. An earsplitting honk. But I don’t care. I just need to reach the yellowish light. It seems to be coming closer. That’s good.

Then I realize something. The boots have stopped. No shouts and no sounds that indicate the presence of footstep. What is happening? Where are the demons?

I turn my head to see. No one’s behind me. Wow. I must have really lost them. The left turn was a good move. Nice one, conscience.

Then, I look back at the yellowish light. The yellowish light is really close.

Then, I see beyond the light. Suddenly, trepidation is in my mouth, sour and disgusting. It boils in my parched throat.

I see the great monster, lugging toward me. A dark storming animal, that’s what it is. The yellowish light is the gleam of it’s narrowed eyes. I notice the roar of it’s engine. I smell it’s putrid excretion. My senses are acute but they were a second too late.

The desperate driver honks, fear in his eyes, just visible behind the great brute’s glassy forehead. But the warning is no use. It is too late.

The monster lunges forward.

A huge body crashes on to me. The impact is massive. My eyes close because the light is too bright and the anguish is so abrupt. Pain shoots out in every direction. No more fear plague me but the pain torments me hundred times more than the fear did. Burning, hot lava is smoulder every inch of my body. The lava shreds me in to a million raw pieces. I hear a shrilly scream somewhere. The scream is deafening, ghastly to my ears. It manages to rip apart my ear drums and leave behind an ooze of terror.

I am flying. In pain, I fly. Then, with a gargantuan thump I fall. Fall on to soft, yucky mud. There is laughter nearby. What is so funny?

I feel the agony and hear the screams. It is unbearable.

My heart is pounding and my breath is dragging; something seemed to be weighing down my lungs. I open my eyes. I see a clear sky. The rain has completely stopped. The clouds are uncovering the moon like a bunch of dancers on a stage moving to reveal the singer. The moon shines, healthy and ready to watch. Ready to watch what? I don’t know.

A dark figure blocks my view. The face of the demon appears. He is chuckling, amused.

My eyes close slowly.

– Hafsa

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