The Nameless (for now) Story

Hey people!!
Okay, so this is actually a full, chapter story. And it’s not really finished but i’m putting on the prologue and first chapter anyway and as i do more, i’ll keep adding it. At the moment it doesn’t really have a name, that’s something i struggle with. A lot. But yeah, any comments/suggestions are more than welcome!


Good things happen to good people, right?


Wrong, wrong, wrong.

She didn’t deserve what she got. She was always the reliable, obedient, honest one, whereas me, I was an unorthodox, rebellious wild-child. She was the kind of kid you saw but never heard, and I, you could hear me even if I was miles away, she accepted, I argued, she never failed a single subject, and I barely passed most of mine, teachers knew her name for the good reasons and mine for the opposite. She was with the quiet, nice-to-everyone crowd, and I with the loud, insurgent, junkies. The list just goes on.

“ Thinking about Abby again?” Lisa asked me, placing a hand on my shoulder.

“ No.” I lied and she heaved a sigh.

“ You can be honest with me, at least Tory.” She said, sliding off the railing and shuffling into the noisy, lively house. Instead of following her inside and pretending that I was having a good time like I should have, I sat there staring at the high, drunk teenagers partying. It emitted a sort of heavy numbness that only added to the existing one.

“ I heard she tried to kill herself.” A tipsy blonde I recognized as Hailey Cooper, gossiped to another ditzy blonde whom I didn’t know. They were both staring at me; making it obvious I was topic of their discussion. I looked away, letting them talk and assume what they liked. It wasn’t bothering me, so why make a fuss? Besides, they were the gossip types, it’s not like I could have stopped them even if I had wanted to. Hailey Cooper was loaded, glamorous, pretty, people hang off her every word. “ It’s so sad.“

“ Not yet, not yet.” Hailey squealed, and I turned to see her nudging an unfamiliar guy away. He looked up, and his grip loosened on Hailey’s elbow. ‘Cuckoo’, he mouthed at me, twirling his finger around his temple and then walked off laughing. He was obviously intoxicated, the beer can in his hand a giveaway. And also the fact that he walked right into the French doors on his way into the house. A few guys turned and laughed while others carried on drinking and smoking.

“ Don’t break the bloody thing!” Lisa said, opening the door for him. He went inside, rubbing his head and then Lisa stepped out. “ So you gonna sit out here all night?” I noticed she was slurring slightly, and the faint stench of dope was almost unnoticeable.

“ Lisa have you been smoking?” I asked and she peeked at me from behind the bottle of vodka that was tipped to her lips.

“ No.” she said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

“ Okay, look, I’m gonna go now, alright?” I said, hopping off the railing that had been my seat for most of the evening.

I was checking around for the big, burly guys with ‘SECURITY’ printed across their navy jackets when the bathroom door flung open and one of them stepped out.

“ You okay? Sorry, didn’t see you there.” he smiled, and I wondered for a brief moment if he was mocking me, considering he was twice my size.

“ Yeah. I’m gonna leave, but if there’s any trouble, you can call any of these numbers.” I said, giving him a list of phone numbers that Lisa’s parents had given me earlier.

“ Yeah, okay. No problem.” He said, stuffing them in his pocket. “ You driving?”

“ Yes.”

“ You drink?” he grunted.

“ No.” I said, and he nodded.

“ Oh yeah, you never drink, do you?” he asked and I shook my head.

I slipped away, totally unnoticed.

I have started the first chapter but haven’t finished, but will put it on as soon as i do finish. 🙂 i hope you liked it so far, it’s not THE best, maybe not even my best, but yeah.

ALRIGHT- i finally finished the first chapter. hmm…i don’t know if i’m going to continue putting this story up, unless someone is actually reading it. I’m not so sure…


The traffic was unbelievable. It was literally bumper-to-bumper. I groaned, thumping the steering wheel in frustration and the car in front moved up, about half a metre. The best since the last forty-five minutes. Mom and Dad were in the four-wheel drive behind me, and I could just imagine Dad cracking his not-so-funny jokes and Mom laughing a huge, unrestrained laugh. She was the only person in this world who could laugh at Dad’s long-winded jokes.

Two hours late, we arrived at the airport to greet Aunt Gloria and Uncle Joe and two clowns. I smiled as brightly as possible and tried to ignore the two sniggering fools that I could not believe would be sharing the guest room, which just had to be right next to my room.

I hugged Aunt Gloria and Uncle Joe, and then stood aside to let Mom and Dad sort things out. They hadn’t changed a bit, my Aunt and Uncle, still the same-loud, cheery, and full of life.

“ Hey Tory!” Trent had a huge smile on his face, so big it looked forced.

“ Hi.” I said, returning a smaller version of his smile.

“ Hey, this is Skip, by the way.” Trent said, as Skip stuck out his hand.

“ Hi.” I said.

“ You look familiar.” He said.

“ Dude. Worst pickup line ever.” Trent said, then added, “ and right in front of her cousin too.”

“ No, I’m serious, man. I have seen her somewhere.” He said. “ Do I look familiar to you?” he asked me.

I shook my head, freeing my hand from his clasp.

“ Dude.” Trent said shaking his head. “ Let’s go.”

“ I have-“ Skip started but Trent dragged him along and I followed. Dad decided to take Aunt Gloria and Uncle Joe and the luggage in the four-wheel, while Trent and Skip came with me in my battered up Toyota Corolla. It was so bad, it had dents in its dents and scratches in places you never even knew existed.

“ God, what did you do with this car?” Trent said, when he saw it. I winced.

“ Yeah. It’s a bit old.” I replied, pulling at the door. It was jammed again. I gave it a good haul and it opened with a strident clank. I stopped Skip from opening the back door just in time by slapping a hand over the handle. “ Wait!”

“ Huh?” He looked at me like I was completely bonkers.

“ Um, this door…doesn’t open. It has uh problems.” I said, straightening myself.

“ Okay.” He said, and went to the other side, as I let out a sigh of relief.

The moment I got into the car, Skip let out a little yell. “ I know where I’ve seen you!”


“ Where?” Trent asked.

“ Didn’t you win the NZAR cup last year?” Skip grinned triumphantly, and I froze. I swallowed back the lump that had formed in my throat and willed myself to breath. My heart was pounding so hard I thought I could feel it on my ribs. I gripped the steering wheel desperately trying to hold back my tears.

“ You did?” Trent asked me. I shook my head.

“ No way! I’m sure you did!” Skip urged. “ Man, that was a moment in history. You broke the NZAR record and you-“

“ It wasn’t me.” I said firmly, and started the car. The engine roared and it only got louder as I backed out of the parking spot. The rest of the ride home was silent on my part. I concentrated on keeping the speedometer needle under a hundred on the motorway and sixty on the road. It wasn’t that hard, there was almost as much traffic on the way back. Trent made small talk, and I tried my best to respond.

There was no other time I could recall being happier to see my own driveway. Everyone else was already there and waiting.

“ There you are!” Mom beamed at us from the kitchen. “ Tory, why don’t you go and show Trent and Skip to the guest room?”

“ Sure.” I said and led them up the stairs and to the guest room. “ This is the guest room.”

“ I know.” Trent said, raising his eyebrows. It suddenly hit me that he wasn’t new to the house. He practically lived here, before he moved up north.

“ Ah, right.” I said, my cheeks slightly red now. Trent and Skip started to squabble over who was going to have the shower first. I was standing outside the door to my room, trying to get a word in edgeways to excuse myself, but that seemed impossible, so I left them to it, shutting the door behind me. I picked up my phone, which had seven missed calls and three text messages from Lisa.

‘ hey, party 2nit at Jarod’s. pik u up @ 9’

‘ hello? R u dere?’

‘ aaah tory im pikin u up I dnt care what!’

I didn’t bother to text Lisa back; instead I just gave her a call. This was going to be a long conversation, as far as I was concerned. How right I was when I punched in her cell phone number and heard her bark into the phone.

“ What?” she greeted. She wasn’t mad (yet), that was just Lisa’s way of answering the phone. We were accustomed to it and knew better than to take offence.

“ It’s me.” I replied.

“ Where were you?” she asked me. Accused me.

“ Sorry, I was a bit busy. I don’t know if I can make it tonight.” I said.

“ Tory,” Lisa said, her voice heavy with exasperation, “ it’s the same story every night, you know we’re going to drag you along anyway, so why, for once, can’t you just accept the invitation?”

“ No, seriously, Lisa, my cousin, he’s over.” I replied, feeling irrationally defensive all of a sudden. “ Look, really, I would have liked to come-“

“ So? Bring your cousin.” she said, simply. I could imagine her bored expression.

“ But-“ I stopped, I didn’t want to blow her off again. “ He has a friend too. Would Jarod mind-“

“ Jarod would die for you, Tory, he’s your best mate. What the Hell is with you?” Lisa snapped. She had always been sensitive about Jarod and couldn’t stand anyone saying anything at all about him, and on top of that I had already pissed her off, so I didn’t take it to heart.

“ Okay, fine. I’ll be there.” I said, trying not to sound so flat.

“ Really?” her tone changed from frustrated to almost cheerful.

“ Yeah.” I said, smiling.

It was a bit awkward at first, asking Trent and Skip if they wanted to come to a party with me. Skip gave me this funny look, like he hadn’t heard me right, or like I’d suggested we hide behind a bush and do weed. Trent was the first to recover and said they’d love to, so we ended up arriving at Jarod’s place a little past nine. No one was here yet and not expected till at least quarter past since everyone liked to be ‘fashionably late’.

“ Hey Tory.” Jarod smiled, obviously surprised to see me turn up with two random guys and no Lisa prodding me in the back.

“ Hi Jarod.” I replied, then introduced the two parties. There were a few tangled handshakes and then Lisa appeared in the hallway.

“ You made it.” Lisa said, giving me a hug.

“ I made it.” I muttered and introduced Lisa to Trent and Skip. Then, we just stood there like five stupid turkeys in awkward silence.

“ So, who wants a drink?” Jarod said, leading everyone into the kitchen. Lisa and I stopped in the lounge.

“ Wow, your cousin is one hot-“

“ Eew, don’t even go there!” I warned her following the others into the kitchen.

“ What’s up?” Jarod asked, sitting down next to me. We were in an ice-breaking conversation, when the doorbell rang. Since Lisa was standing by the door, Jarod gave her a pleading puppy-face look, and she sighed and went to let the screaming heard of rowdy idiots in. “ I’m glad you came.” Jarod said to me, as the room started to fill with more people and the noise level rose.

There was the initial commotion of greeting, handshaking and air kissing before the music started and the party hit off, and I sighed relieved, as the few people who knew me cleared away, leaving me to an empty kitchen. I refilled my drink and headed out, trying not to look like the depressed loser that I was.

“ Hey! Tory?” I turned to see Hailey Cooper and the same blonde as the other day, approach me. I had a sudden urge to turn and run, but I fought it back. “ Hey, can I talk to you for a bit?” she said, raising her voice above the music. There were already at least thirty people in the room, screaming over each other, dancing and laughing. I pushed past all of them, into the kitchen to find that was getting slightly crammed too, so we headed out the back door. It wasn’t until I turned to see that Hailey’s sidekick blonde was, for the first time, unlatched to Hailey.

“ Hi. I’m Hailey Cooper.” She said, smiling rather nervously. “ Oh look, I’m no good at this so I’m going to get straight to the point. I’m sorry.”

“ Sorry? For what?” I asked, baffled. I barely knew the girl, and quite honestly she was starting to freak me out a bit.

“ The other night, I was really quite drunk and not thinking right, I mean, I wasn’t too drunk, just a little, but wow, man what I said was totally out of it, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t meaning to be rude-“ she was blabbering and I had to interrupt her in order to get a word in at all.

“ It’s fine, really.”

“ Oh no it’s not, I had no right to say all those stupid things, drunk or not. God, I am so sorry!” her apology was genuine, and there was pure regret in her voice.

“ Hailey, it’s fine.” I said, starting to feel a bit strange. There was a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach and the last thing I wanted to do was chuck. I gave her my warmest smile and said goodbye.

“ Tory, wait.” Hailey grabbed my elbow. I turned to look at her. “ I’m sorry about you sister.” I felt a sting. “ And, I know…I’ve heard how…I know how you feel towards people like me.” She didn’t say it in an accusing or even indignant way. She said it like it was, like stating a fact.

“ Look, I don’t even know you-“

“ I know. I know, to you right now, I’m just some stranger, trying to invade your privacy and dig up your past, but it’s just…” she stopped, and thought for a minute, before continuing, “ you know what, I am crazy. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m sorry.” She turned to go, and I don’t know what got into me, instead of letting her go and sparing myself the headache, I called out to her.

“ It’s okay. Go on.” I said.

“ No-“

“ Say it.” I said shortly.

“ I don’t know. It’s just I don’t want you to think I’m some bad person, like some of the others. Trust me.” Something about the way she said it, made me want to trust her. “ I just…God, I’m a right nutter.”

“ It’s okay, Hailey. I understand.” I nodded. She sat down on the steps, and I took a seat next to her.

“ It’s just, all my life, everyone’s always just taken one look at me and assumed that I’m just another blonde, bimbo with an IQ less than my clothes size, you know.” I was scared she would cry, but she put on a brave face and continued.

“ People just label me, you know, to them I’m the popular, rich girl, you know, and that’s where it stops. They take one look at my blonde hair and baby blue eyes and I’m a pretty princess without a brain or opinion.” She said, pure fury in her voice. It was true, she was beautiful, and she did have lovely blonde hair and baby blue eyes but she said it like it was the worst thing that had ever happened to her. “ Honestly, I’m not even that rich. I only go this posh school because I won myself a scholarship, you know. I’m not perfect, not better than everyone, not a princess, you know, I’m a human, and I’d like to be treated like one.” She stopped and I nodded understandingly. It was the best I could do. “ God, you must think I’m such a freak. I don’t even know you and I’m telling you my life story…”

“ Sometimes it’s easier to let it out with a stranger than it is with someone you know.” I assured.

“ I suppose so.” She said. “ Look, don’t let me ruin your night. I’ll see you around, okay?”

“ Sure.” I smiled as she stood up and headed back to her waiting sycophant. I sat there a while longer, the surprise taking over me now.

‘People like me’. What was that supposed to mean? I had nothing against people like her. White hot fury shot through me, as the words echoed endlessly in my ears. People like me. People like her. People like Hailey Cooper. Rich, glamorous, pretty. Careless.

Wow alright i probably need to start the next chapter or Abira will kill me…

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