The Curse of Bloody Mary

This is just a random story i wrote. The plot came to me as i was listening to my friend trying to scare my lil’ sis! Enjoy…

   “Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary”, Catherine said to her huge intricate mirror in her bathroom.

    A piercing shrill, resembling a dying cat’s final call, disturbed the silent air. Stationary air particles were abruptly energized and began to move in the form of gusts of Antarctic wind. Catherine’s blonde hair danced rapidly around her head like a vicious tornado. Another shrill cut through the disturbed sky and fell in to being a horrible echoe in her ears. Like the mass of hair and invisible air particles, Catherine’s head was in a turmoil that was basically formed of swirling thoughts jumping around in a confused heap. Catherine felt herself wanting to scream but opening her mouth in that chaos was bound to get her in bigger trouble. Another howl punched the sky with enough impact to kill half the city.

   Then… it all stopped. Silence dropped in, thwarting the horrible screams. Yet, the silence felt as menacing as the screams.

     Frightened, Catherine stood as still as her shuddering body allowed her to. Eyes closed tightly, she breathed heavily and waited for the next atomic bomb to drop. Nothing came. In a moment of sudden gallantry, Catherine dared to open her eyes. When she did, she found nothing on the mirror. No blood thirsty ghost about to eat her alive. Laughing at herself – the laughter had a distracting bit of hysteria at the edges – she turned about to go back in to her comfortable and warm bed.

    Something hit her hard at the back. The force drove her straight to the wall. Smothered and out of breath, she felt her aching body slither gently down. Her eyes closed, too tired to be wide open. Her head throbbed and body screamed in sheer pain. Shuddering, she waited…for what, she didn’t know.

“Why did you call me, child?” A soft, icy voice said, shattering the silence.

Catherine shut her eyes tighter.

“Why did you call me, CHILD?!”

With that scream, came a sound of a wailing hurricane. Catherine felt the acceleration as her body jet upwards and splat on to the ground again. Face down, she felt her consciousness slipping. The world became a buzz in the background.

“You will not call me again, child”, whispered the same voice full with pure venom. “I am bound to the mirror; it is my life and soul”.

There was another howl of dismay. This time from Catherine.

She felt the sharp blade run across her skin and blood flow out like hot lava as Bloody Mary disappeared.

                        *                                                    *                                                *

      I woke up with a start. Instantly the darkness of the room pressed on me from all four corners. Bloody Mary, I thought, it’ll take more than that to freak me out.

    I gazed up at my alarm clock. It was 12.00 am. I groaned. Waking up in the middle of the night was something I disliked. It was so hard to get back to sleep. Vexed, I stared down my alarm clock. The numbers in lucid red ticked by. 12.00 turned into 12.01, then, 12.02…

     Suddenly something occurred to me. Smirking to myself, i got out of bed. Cautiously and curiously, I tip toed in to the bathroom. I turned on the light and sauntered over to the mirror. The grin was too appealing to let go. This was so stupid yet fun. Finally, I could prove to my scaredy little cats for friends that Bloody Mary is just a stupid myth. For along time, they’ve been obsessed with Bloody Mary myths and their amateur thrill and fright over this long dead queen was getting beyond irriatating.

I stared boldly in to the mirror and said, “Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary”.

A paused moment cascaded on the atmosphere. The pure silence was disturbing. Despite my gallant nerves and cynical brain, my heart started galloping like a horse running for it’s dear life.

Disapproved at myself, I turned to go…

     And stopped. Any movement of any muscle in my body cancelled their function and seemed to take a deep breath. That made everything worse because my heart wouldn’t accept the intake of oxygen. My heart had stopped, cold and dead.

    I was absolutely sure something had flashed across the mirror. It was an incomprehensible image; a combination of bright, pale and dark. Heart in my dry mouth, I turned to the forebidding mirror.

    I reluctantly allowed my eyes to rest upon the mirror… and almost collapsed with relief as I saw that nothing haunted the mirror’s shiny surface. The only thing that it showed was a scared sixteen year old about to bolt for her bed…

Vexed, I closed my eyes, completely blocking that image out of my head and swore at myself. How could I let myself become the one person i didn’t want ever to be?

    Suddenly, I was tired enough for a long sleep. Sighing, I opened my eyes.

I saw her then. All the blood in me drained out and came rushing back in, like a raging river, in the space of 2 seconds. Unable to get a word in way of all the chaos, I stared at her. And she stared back.

                                *                                                     *                                                           *

     Catherine woke up, startled. She looked at her alarm clock. It was exactly midnight. She took a deep breath, blaming herself for waking up scared of such a silly nightmare. She wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep for ages now.

    Then, Catherine got up and headed to the bathroom.

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