Sarvam is a tragic romance Tamil film, starring Trisha and Arya. The story goes like this…

The main character, Karthik falls in love with a girl called Sandhya, a pediatrician, and asks to marry her. Although Sandhya refuses at first, eventually she agrees. While this is happening, a subplot reolves around this man called Eeshwar who is out to get revenge on Naushad, a software engineer living happily with his son. A few months ago, Naushad had hit Eeshwar’s wife, Gheetha and his son Naveen to death in a car accident. Eeshwar is mentally disturbed and thinks that Naushad had killed his son and wife on purpose.  Now he wants Naushad to feel his pain so he’s intent on killing Naushad’s son.

Back to the Karthik plot…The couple is making plans for their marriage but suddenly, Karthik wants to postpone the marriage. Sandhya disagrees to this. So they make a deal that they’ll compete in a cycling race and the person who wins gets to have their way. The race goes on and as Sandhya’s winning, a kite, loose from it’s string comes toward her and the string cuts Sandhya’s throat severely and she dies. Six months later, Karthik, in grief, finds out that Sandhya’s heart has been transplanted in to a boy who had a heart disease. Overjoyed, Karthik goes to see the boy and finds out that he’s Imaan, the son of Naushad, and the victim of Eeshwar.

There’s more to the plot, obviously and if i keep explaining, i’ll ruin it for you guys. So, i highly recommend you watch it because, let’s admit it, the movie’s good despite the tragic romance.

Here’s the trailer to get you started…

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