Yayata Payana

Yayata Payana

This song is a sinhala one. It’s sooo cool and the meaning to the song is so moving. This song talks of kind of a breaking up love thing. The lyrics are so good. I can’t understand deep sinhala verses but i was asking my mum and she told me the meaning of most of the verses. And believe me, those lyrics just stick to you. Not just the lyric, if you just listen to it, the way the song flows and the music is done…it’s so good and just makes you want to listen to it again…

This song is one of the new age Sri Lankan songs. It’s sung by Prihan and Iraj (it says Prihan feat. Iraj on the singers bit but i think Iraj produced it, he didn’t actually sing). The lyrics is by Kelum Srimal. No wander its so good; according to my mum (my biggest source when it comes to sinhala song’s lyric’s meanings and song writers), he’s really famous back in Sri Lanka. Personally, i think the guy really hit the nail with this song.

Furthermore, Prihan’s voice is awesome. He’s got one of those rare distinct voices, like Bathiya’s voice. He maybe a new artist in the music business but he’s going well, i can tell you that much.

Anyway, if you have time check it out and leave a comment. Here’s the video…

btw, if you want to download this song, you can download it in www.elakiri.com or www.derana.lk

And here’s the lyrics…


Yayata Payana Pura Po Hada

Thetha Berena Pini Doreka

Hitha Parana Me Me Duka

Sapase Winda

Heta Rewela Eliwena Sanda

Hitha Harana Ma Paluwa

Numba Gannawanam Ma Pita

Yanawa Kaenda

Wahennam Ma Ida Hita A Sare Eadila

Sehennam Ma Numbage Es Pura Raendila

Thani Paledi Thaniwa Uragae Re Ganan Balala

Awelawaka Peayu Tharuwe Pea Belum Hinda

Thani Eatha Se Hithin Hithapu Mal Wiye Arume

Numba Nisawen Ibe Pirunu Alayen Bendune

Tharu Ganiddi Numbawa Penwu Heenaye Gilila

Sepata Eddi Pethum Serama Kaluware Binda

Mal Boisowi Memata Dunna Sathuta Yali Gaththa

Numba Patha Man Itha Sithin Pidu Jeewithe Maeruna


Wahennam Ma Ida Hita A Sare Eadila

Sehennam Ma Numbage Es Pura Raendila

that’s all for this bit of review. Remember to check out the film (Santhosh Subramaniam) and the song and don’t leave without a comment! Check back to see what’s new ’cause greater things are on their way!

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