Adaraneeya Purnima

Adaraneeya Purnima

Maybe some of you keen Sri Lankan’s have heard it. It’s a Sinhala teledrama that started airing quite recently. I know what you’re thinking…drama? eew…no people, Sri Lankan drama is way different fron others. I would have that kind of reactions to Sri Lankan films, no offence. Maybe it’s just me, but Sri Lankan films can be so depressing and sometimes, the quality is really bad. Dramas, however, they can be really good. I’ll admit it, some Sri Lankan drama can be really boring, specially when they go on for so long. But this one is one of those dramas that’s really interesting and good.

This story is about a respectable family in a rural area in Sri Lanka. So, obviously they are really strict and talking to a guy, for reasons like asking directions, is like suicide. If someone saw you, the story would be twisted up, battered and delivered in such a way that it would turn out to be this huge scandal. So, in this village, is this girl called Purnima. Her father’s the local Sinhala medicine doctor and their family’s respected for their ability in Sinhala medicine. She, herself, is a dance teacher, part-time Sinhala medicine doctor and engaged to her cousin (okay, i know that’s kind of weird but in Sri Lanka, specially at a rural place, this is quite common). Asanka is a rich, modern, Colombo guy who comes to this village to look after his family’s tea farm. He’s helped by his friend Manoj. Asanka sees Purnima and realizes that she’s his “dream girl”, and i mean it literally like that because, apparently, he’s been having dreams/imaginations about a girl who looks just like Purnima (i know, quite cheesy…). So, he falls madly in love with her. Throughout the story, he tries to get Purnima’s attention which almost always backfires. Purnima, already a girl with a huge pride, neglects Asanka from the beginning, marking out him as a villain who had come to ruin her life with his fake love (that’s what she thinks), and she neglects him even more when her engagement to the cousin becomes official. So, it’s a story with a lot of twists and turns but i’m not finding it boring so far. If you are interested, go ahead, check out the first part (which i’ve put below) and if it really interests you, you can watch this drama on or just type it in Youtube and there’ll be lots of channels which has this drama.

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