This is a drama unlike others. It’s kind of depressing, specially the music. It’s basically about this guy, Pathum, who’s father is a politician living with a wife that’s not Pathum’s mother. His mother’s a different lady, a woman his father had an affair with before. Anyway, the father, a politician, runs for election to be the minister. To everyone’s dismay Pathum runs for the opposition party. He does it out of the want to do something really good for the country and to all the poor people in the country which he believes his father won’t fulfill. During his journey to being a politician, he falls in love with the servant girl in their house who is called a “poojasanaya” by her fellow servant woman who’s like a mother to her. A side story to this is the story about Subha’s sister getting pregnant before marriage and how she has to deal with that.

It’s a good story. And unlike many dramas, it comes straight to the point and is quite short (well, compared to other dramas it is) and really sweet.

So go ahead and check it out. Here’s a link to one of the vids…the rest can be found in YouTube, just type in “Poojasanaya” and the part you want to watch! 

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