Pick something that annoys you and redesign how it works.

This ‘something’ is actually a someone.
As I was browsing through the topics on Daily Post, this one popped up, and I happened to be talking to this someone, who, may I add, has a phD in irritating someone till they’d very much like to throw him off a cliff.

So, it was only fitting that the post be about him.

How I would redesign him? Yeah that’s the hard part.
If I take away his annoyingness, I don’t think I even know him anymore.

He’s just happy to be labelled annoying. He’s a self proclaimed annoying expert.
He tells me, and I quote, if I took away his annoying, he’d be “normal”.
What the HECK is normal?
And this is what he tells me: “haha a line which cuts across a tangent of a graph at 90 degress”
See what I mean?

Well, like I said, if he wasn’t annoying, I don’t know what he’d be. He’d lose his title and place as, officially, the most ANNOYING person I have EVER met in my whole life. So I think it might as well be.

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