This is the Indian flag

This is the Indian flagThis is the Sri Lankan page

The Sri Lankan Flag

Me and alisha we are biiiiiig on culture and our birth country! And we think we are totally previledged to be from India (that’s Alisha) and Sri Lanka (that’s where me, Hafsa’s from). So, we thought we’d have a seperate page that is totally dedicated to everything that involves our countries. And this very unique page is going to be called IndyLanka, derived from both our country’s names. So, we hope you guys visit our blog and check out this awesome page. As the days go on, we will add more and more stuff and they are going to be totally cool.
Any Sri Lankan viewer can expect reviews for Sinhala teledramas, not just reviews but links to website where you can watch the teledramas and Sinhala music (high five everyone else who thinks Bathiya and Santhush own the Sri Lankan music industry!); all about tamil films and tamil music! Also, I will report special days in Sri Lanka, updates on what’s happening back there and anything else that is random, cool and absurd!!!!
And as for me…well, it’s going to be a bit of a learning experience for me. I’m not as up-to-date with the Bollywood stuff like Hafsa is, but I’ll try my best to review some of the latest movies and songs, and rate them. Because there is always that one that you watch and then want to smack your head against a brick wall just to erase it from your memory…There will be a few other random bits and pieces on here that just might catch your attention, so keep you eyes peeled! 😉

So keep your hopes up and check out this awesome page!

Tamil and Sinhala


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