What’s Ebony Ink?

How it all started:

Well, it’s actually nothing of great interest, you see. Basically, Ebony Ink is just our way of killing time. We started the blog with nothing much in mind for it, and then some of our friends checked it out and they really liked it so we developed it a bit more, till we had what you see today. It’s still not much, but we try our best to improve it on a daily basis, even with busy lives (yeah, most of which we spend doing homework, writing, drawing and not paying attention in class :P)

So it’s just a random blog, a bit like our scrapbook, if you like. We have stuff here that we’re interested in (the music and movies page), stuff we find funny (Embarrassing Stories-which also has some real funny stories), things about our culture which is a learning experience for us as well (IndyLanka) and heaps of other stuff that just gets added on all the time.

We hope you enjoy our blog and revisit frequently, because like I said, new stuff is added on ALL THE TIME and it’s always unpredictable and different from the last new and big (and sometimes stupid) idea that we had. And of course, suggestions are ALWAYS ALWAYS welcome. You can leave us a comment or email us on ebony_ink@live.com and we will get back to you as super-quickly as we can!


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