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Midnight Youth Interview

Hey people, I found this pretty cool interview of Midnight Youth from billboard.com and I thought I’d put it up. They tell you a bit about how they became this super-cool, super-famous band from little NZ. I guess that’s kind of why I’m putting this up, people don’t seem to know that they’re from NZ!!
It also has bits of them playing an acoustic live version of The Letter (non-acoustic in the Music section!)

*By the way, it does take a while to load, so sorry about that*

Don’t forget to check out other songs from Midnight Youth in the Music section of Ebony Ink!!

Whittaker’s VS Cadbury

I have to admit, I am a Whittaker girl, so I thought I’d put up the ad that’s been centre of attention for the past few weeks. I think it’s really quirky and unless you’ve watched it before, it’s a slight shocker.

It compelled me to think that maybe this was a contributing factor in Cadbury’s decision to bring back cocoa butter to their chocolate. There is a slight possibility.

I’m not going to say much more… The brilliant ad speaks for itself.

That last part hits the NZ target audience right where it hurts the most… their patriotic ego. This is definitely my favourite ad of the year!

And just so I’m being fair please vote for your favourite chocolate so I have something to prove… WITH STATISTICAL EVIDENCE :

The Haka

Since I put in a Maori words section, I thought I’d put in the Haka as well, New Zealand and the All Blacks’ signature chant. I love watching the Haka, especially when it’s the All Blacks doing it. 🙂
The Haka is a Maori war dance, traditionally done prior to going into battle.

Leader: Ringa pakia! Slap hands against thighs!
Uma tiraha! Puff out chest.
Turi whatia! Bend knees!
Hope whai ake! Let the hip follow!
Waewae takahia kia kino! Stamp the feet as hard as you can!
Leader: Ka mate, ka mate ‘I die, I die,
Team: Ka ora’ Ka ora’ ‘I live, ‘I live,
Leader: Ka mate, ka mate ‘I die, ‘I die
Team: Ka ora Ka ora “ ‘I live, ‘I live,
All: Tēnei te tangata pūhuruhuru This is the hairy man
Nāna i tiki mai whakawhiti te rā …Who caused the sun to shine again for me
Upane… Upane Up the ladder, Up the ladder
Upane Kaupane” Up to the top
Whiti te rā,! The sun shines!
Hī! Rise!

I couldn’t decide which video I liked better, so i put in both of them!

The ref is looking really uncomfortable, it’s soo funny!! And i think this is one of the best Hakas i have seen in a while.

This one is slightly better quality, it’s All Blacks VS England, 2004. It’s a while ago, but you the most awesome part is looking at the opposing team, and their faces.

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