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Jason Earles’ Age

Well-known actor in Hannah Montana, Jason Earles, is 32 years old.

 Yeah, this boyish looking guy is 32! I couldn’t believe it the first time i heard it from a friend in Facebook. He looks way too young for his age. So i went on google (as i always tend to do) and researched upon this bizzare fact. Wikipedia said that no one is actually sure of his age. Apparently there’s reports that he’s 19 and other reports that assure he’s 32. Well, this is what Wikipedia said.

So i went out and looked up more info. and here are some very interesting trivia i found…

Graduated from Glencoe High School in Hillsboro, Oregon, class of 1995.

Is a fan of Elvis Presley.

He is a trained equestrian rider.

He loves going to the mountains so that he can go snowboarding.

He has two pet cats, Timmy and Presley.

He learned how to talk as though he had a cleft palate for a role in a play.

He likes to play video games in his spare time.

His favorite sport is Baseball.

He says that the school subjects he liked the most were science and math.

His likeness was used to create Jackson’s Beach Treat Delivery on Disney Channel’s Web site.

Has become close with the Cyrus family since he started working with Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus on “Hannah Montana” (2006).

He met his wife Jennifer while attending Rocky Mountain College.

He is mostly cast in teenage roles due to his young boyish looks.

 It’s more surprising that he’s married. I just didn’t imagine him as the type to already be married. Talk about surprises!

Taylor Lautner Singing Miley Cyrus Song

lol, this vid is worth checking out. this is two of the most popular stars merging and is a once in a lifetime thing (maybe thats an exaggeration but u get what i mean) so check it out…

The Thing about Hannah Montanna…

Look, we’re not trying to have a diss Disney session here or whatever, but just elaborating a bit on what Hafsa said about Disney stars and Hannah Montanna…
WARNING: If you are a Hannah Montanna/Miley Cyrus fan, i’d suggest you don’t read on.
And if you have decided to, let me just say this: I don’t mean to be rude and i’m not taking out some sort of personal revenge/grudge or anything, but i’m just saying it the way i see it. And the way i see it and have put it is slightly obnoxious, and i totally accept that.
With great power, comes great responsibility. And this applies also to fame… and especially to Miley Cyrus. Here’s why:
She has a lot of young fans, and i’m talking like five year olds, and she’s supposedly a role model to them. Well, i wouldn’t want my five year old sister or cousin to be looking up to someone who has scandals as often as she releases songs. So, maybe some of the scandals weren’t so much in her control (i’m not so convinced) but what really irritates me is her attitude. In life you don’t get everything you want so what makes her so different from the rest of us, lesser beings? (OK i know i’m starting to sound the slightest bit stingy and abhorrent) Her little episode with Radiohead, is what i’m talking about. For those of you who don’t know about this (i’m surprised, she pretty much ADVERTISED it internationally) here’s how the story goes; she was at the Grammy’s and Thom Yorke was four dressing rooms away from her so she asked her people to talk to Radiohead’s people and arrange a meeting. Their response? “We don’t really do that” and what does Miss The-World-Revolves-Around-Me do? She cries and throws this amazingly huge tantrum, because Radiohead refused to meet her. She even threatened to RUIN THEM. And who knew, Miley LOVES Radiohead, they’re her “rock god” and the only person she would “cry over”. If she really loved them as much as she claims to, she would know that Thom Yorke is really shy and reclusive and hanging out with a clingy, star-struck teenager at the Grammy’s, hours before his show was not on his bucket list.

And just so i don’t sound too cynical, she can make some nice music (but her music is NOT rock and she is NOT a rock star and neither are the Jo Bros) and as embarrassing as it is, i used to watch Hannah Montanna as a kid and liked it (i’m over it now, thankfully), but like i said, i’m not a big fan and the fact that she acts like she’s superior to everybody else doesn’t help the cause.

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