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Ebony Ink Updates

New Year celebration leads Ebony Ink to add new things and they are here. We have updated the blog and we would like you to check out the latest in our blog. These include a new story (found in the page Stories and Beyond) called A Page Out of Another Life (ignore the cheesy name), a page that urgently require your stories of random acts of kindness in the Random Acts Of Kindness Page, updates on the One Picture A Tousand Words page and an upcoming article about the glitches we here of the new Indian movie 3 Idiots!

Here are links to the pages mentioned…

A Page Out Of Another Life https://ebonyink.wordpress.com/short-stories/a-page-out-of-another-life/

Random Acts of Kindness https://ebonyink.wordpress.com/random-acts-of-kindness/

One Picture One Thousand Words https://ebonyink.wordpress.com/one-picture-one-thousand-words/

3 Idiots Article will be updated in the near future. So keep your eyes peeled out for that!  

So, check them out, comment, have your fun and come back for more!

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