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Spam Comments…

I’m sick of them.
Okay, look, don’t waste your time and ours because all your comments are moderated and if you spam WE ARE GOING TO DELETE IT EVEN BEFORE IT IS PUBLISHED.
So do yourself a favour, do us a favour and go do something useful.
We have nothing against feedback, as long as it is relevant and appropriate (and if it’s not, keep in mind that it will be modified). We don’t mind criticism, we don’t mind suggestions, it’s really quite simple.

Sorry if I came across as a little harsh, but the reality is we have better things to do than delete 24 spam comments every single day.


ps wow, I’m surprised… there have been no spam comments since i posted this up. awesome.

Meebo/IM Us!!!!!!!

HEY GUYS! (and girls) <– I feel obliged to add that in because every time I say that at least one person finds it absolutely CRUCIAL to point out their gender or call me sexist… -.-

So, anyway, the reason I’m posting this up is because I think there isn’t a lot on the blog for you to get to know us by, and I also think you have to go through SO much stuff just to post a comment and it’s extremely frustrating…

What we did: If you look on the sidebar you’ll see that we’ve added a BRAND NEW, SUPER SHINY Meebo widget!! =D

What this means: YOU can talk to US without giving us your IM or any sort of personal details, or have to wade through the Name: (required) and Email: (required) hassles before posting up a comment. The best thing is, it’s totally private and you don’t even have to give your name away. And don’t forget that you can leave us offline messages and we’ll be sure to check them.  =]

We’re hoping to hear from you, so don’t be shy, say hello!!

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