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Spam Comments…

I’m sick of them.
Okay, look, don’t waste your time and ours because all your comments are moderated and if you spam WE ARE GOING TO DELETE IT EVEN BEFORE IT IS PUBLISHED.
So do yourself a favour, do us a favour and go do something useful.
We have nothing against feedback, as long as it is relevant and appropriate (and if it’s not, keep in mind that it will be modified). We don’t mind criticism, we don’t mind suggestions, it’s really quite simple.

Sorry if I came across as a little harsh, but the reality is we have better things to do than delete 24 spam comments every single day.


ps wow, I’m surprised… there have been no spam comments since i posted this up. awesome.

Ideas Ideas Ideas!

Hey guys,

we have a problem! We’re out of ideas on how to improve the blog, and considering it’s you guys who read it, we’d like some advice on how to improve it from YOU! What would you like us to put on that we havent already, what we can add or replace, some of the cool stuff we should continue with, what needs more improvement…you catch the drift. We dedicate a lot of time and effort into the blog (even though it may not seem as though we do, but hey, we’re a couple of 15-year-olds, with tons of homework) and the blog is still in its initial stages. And while I’m at it I might as well add; people open up, put on your own embarrassing story in the Embarrassing Stories Page! They can’t be that bad, right? So bear in mind that it can be ANYTHING that you want to read about, more Disney stuff, something cool new or crazy, anything at all! So PLEASE help us out, give us some ideas on what you like, coz we’d really appreciate that!

DON’T BE SHY! Drop us a comment with some much needed advice or share a moment with us that you are likely never to forget! 😀 (I’m looking forward to those… 😉 )

btw this post will be up top for a bit so scroll down for the latest post!

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