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This New Theme…

Hey guys, you may have noticed that we’ve changed the theme of the blog and i realize it’s actually a little hard to read some of the content, and we’ve tried our best to change as much as possible (some of the more recent posts shouldn’t have this problem) but if there’s something we’ve missed out or it’s still hard to read or there’s any problem at all (links that don’t work, dud videos, whatever), just drop us a comment and we’ll have it fixed ASAP. 😛
btw the comments button is the little thing on the footer panel just below each post, in case you’ve missed it.  🙂


It’s Our Birthday!

April 19 2010… Ebony Ink’s FIRST BIRTHDAY!
We’re sooo proud! To be honest, we didn’t really think we’d make it this far, but we’ve gone further than we ever imagined.


Ebony Update

Hey everyone!

We hope you had a spook-tacualar Halloween! (Yeah, okay, I know it’s the most overused and cheesy line everrrr)
We just want to update you on what’s happening on the blog for the next few weeks. We have our end of year exams coming up so we’re, let’s put it like this, ‘taking a break’. But don’t worry we’ll be back on with brand new stuff (we’re adding a few pages and making some others redundant) because after the exams we have… HOLIDAYS!! (NZ, Southern hemisphere… yeah, we get a looooong Christmas/Summer holiday meshed into one. And as weird as it is to you Northern Hemispherers we celebrate Christmas in the summer…! Which is good coz we’re real BBQ people down here) =] ). If you have exams coming up too and would like some tips, check out our How To Survive Exam Prep post (just type it into the search and hit enter…!).

Right, so back to the point… We’re (as you might know already) giving Ebony Ink a makeover!! Which means we’re changing it totally. We’ve already managed to give it a brand new look in between studying our brains to mush for the exams, and now we’re going to change the content too. We think we should let you guys know what’s coming (and going), because after all the blog is all for you. So here’s how it goes:

  • We are getting rid of our Books, Movies and Music page, so say goodbye to that!
  • We are considering removing the Embarrassing Stories page
  • We will be adding a Quotes page
  • We will add a pictures/photo page
  • We are still working on the layout and look of the blog (of which 50% is done but there is still room for tweaks in that 50)

If you have any comments/suggestions/questions you can drop us a comment and we’ll be sure to get back. Or you can email us on ebony_ink@live.com (we won’t spam your email or use it for… I don’t know… dodgy stuff or anything! We’re trustworthy people).

So have a good time while we suffer and struggle through hours of torture in the examination room… =( BUT we’ll be back with all the new stuff we’ve promised (more or less… we might decide to make a few changes =P) but ultimately you guys are in on the plan!!

Announcement to make!

Sorry about the huge space out during the last few weeks.

Anyway, I decided that another blog was just too much work for me (hey, I’m a teenager, I’m lazy- we’re wired like that, what can you do?) so instead I replaced it with something slightly more low maintenance:

Our very own, very cool, very inky social networking site on Ning. Click the link and join or just check out our page for a dose of Ebony Ink on Eboink!

Freshly inked…

Glitter Generator - http://www.glittertextgraphics.com

For a while now we’ve (Hafsa and I) been trying to come up with something that will personalize the blog a bit more. Finally i came up with an idea that isn’t all that genius but it’ll do: sub-blogs. One for me and one for Hafsa! We just thought that this would help you to get to know us better and give us our own little space to go on and on and on about lots of things… 😉

So look out for those they’re coming VERY VERY soon, and you’ll be able to find them under the WHAT’S EBONY INK page

Added to what Alisha said, i would like to say that there is heaps of new stuff on Ebony Ink. For example, a week or so ago, i added heaps of Green Day songs on the SONGS page and not many people are viewing this. There are bits and pieces added here and there that you may like to check out like our new Star Guest Garfield! so, guys (and girls) please look around and LEAVE COMMENTS because we would love to here from you. And like Alisha said, don’t forget to check out What’s Ebony Ink About? page for our latest feature! Thanks, guys and hope you come back!

Meebo/IM Us!!!!!!!

HEY GUYS! (and girls) <– I feel obliged to add that in because every time I say that at least one person finds it absolutely CRUCIAL to point out their gender or call me sexist… -.-

So, anyway, the reason I’m posting this up is because I think there isn’t a lot on the blog for you to get to know us by, and I also think you have to go through SO much stuff just to post a comment and it’s extremely frustrating…

What we did: If you look on the sidebar you’ll see that we’ve added a BRAND NEW, SUPER SHINY Meebo widget!! =D

What this means: YOU can talk to US without giving us your IM or any sort of personal details, or have to wade through the Name: (required) and Email: (required) hassles before posting up a comment. The best thing is, it’s totally private and you don’t even have to give your name away. And don’t forget that you can leave us offline messages and we’ll be sure to check them.  =]

We’re hoping to hear from you, so don’t be shy, say hello!!

Paris Jackson’s Gift To Daddy

I know that a lot of you are interested in the Michael Jackson thing so I found another article about it on Yahoo! Entertainment. 🙂

Michael Jackson’s grieving daughter wrapped a heart necklace around his wrist as his body lay in an open coffin.

Paris Jackson, 11, wanted to give the piece of jewellery to her late father when she visited him at Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn Cemetery last Monday (06.07.09) as she wanted to make sure he always had something to remind him of her.

Michael’s elder sister La Toya, who witnessed the heartbreaking act during the family’s private viewing, said: “Paris told me, ‘The heart is in two pieces. I want one half to go to daddy and I will wear the other half forever.’

“She carefully wrapped it around his wrist and said, ‘Daddy this is for you. On daddy, it will be blue because he is cold. On me, it’s purple. He’s so cold, he is so cold.’ ”

Paris bought the necklace – which changes colour according to temperature – after Michael died of a suspected cardiac arrest last month and she wore it when she made her emotional tribute to him at his memorial service last Tuesday (07.07.09).

Paris Jackson

As well as the jewellery, Paris also got some coloured stones to decorate her dad’s body with.

La Toya – who has claimed Michael was murdered by the “shadowy entourage” he surrounded himself – also recalled the moment she first saw Paris and her brothers, Prince Michael I and Prince Michael II, also known as ‘Blanket’, after the ‘Thriller’ singer’s death.

She said: “When I got to the hospital my mother was crying and the kids were crying. I screamed, ‘Is it true?’ and my mother said, ‘Yes, he’s gone.’ I couldn’t stop crying. I’m screaming and the kids are screaming. My mother was sitting there with all three of them on her lap, just crying.”

La Toya also revealed Michael was not the biological father of ‘Blanket’, revealing the youngster was conceived via artificial insemination.

She said: “Michael didn’t want to know who the biological parents were. They took eggs from a donor and I believe the sperm came from one of five donors picked from a book.

“I don’t know who carried the child or if the surrogate knew whose child she was carrying. Those children were his greatest joy. He was a superstar but the only people who loved him unconditionally were the children.”

Ideas Ideas Ideas!

Hey guys,

we have a problem! We’re out of ideas on how to improve the blog, and considering it’s you guys who read it, we’d like some advice on how to improve it from YOU! What would you like us to put on that we havent already, what we can add or replace, some of the cool stuff we should continue with, what needs more improvement…you catch the drift. We dedicate a lot of time and effort into the blog (even though it may not seem as though we do, but hey, we’re a couple of 15-year-olds, with tons of homework) and the blog is still in its initial stages. And while I’m at it I might as well add; people open up, put on your own embarrassing story in the Embarrassing Stories Page! They can’t be that bad, right? So bear in mind that it can be ANYTHING that you want to read about, more Disney stuff, something cool new or crazy, anything at all! So PLEASE help us out, give us some ideas on what you like, coz we’d really appreciate that!

DON’T BE SHY! Drop us a comment with some much needed advice or share a moment with us that you are likely never to forget! 😀 (I’m looking forward to those… 😉 )

btw this post will be up top for a bit so scroll down for the latest post!

100 Maori words Hafsa and I should know

Considering we live in New Zealand we don’t really have a whole lot on the blog about it. So I decided to put on a list of 100 Maori words every New Zealander should know (according to Wintec) and since I don’t know all of them, and I’m guessing Hafsa doesn’t either, there would be no better way to learn them than to put them on our blog! You don’t have to go through them all, but if you do, I guess you’ll learn something useful for the next time you visit New Zealand. And if you are interested in the Haka, scroll down to the end of the post.
The Maori words are in bold followed by the meanings in English.

Hui a meeting of any kind, conference, gathering
Marae the area for formal discourse in front of a meeting house, or applied to a whole marae complex, including meeting house, dining hall, forecourt etc.
Haere mai! Welcome! Enter!
Nau mai! Welcome!
Tangihanga funeral ceremonies, when body is mourned on a marae.
Tangi short (verbal version) for the above (gerund), or to cry, to mourn
Karanga the ceremony of calling to the guests to welcome them to enter the marae
Manuhiri guests, visitors
Tangata whenua original people belonging to a place, local people, hosts
Whaikörero the art and practise of speech-making
Kaikörero or kaiwhai körero speaker (there are many other terms)
Haka chant with dance for the purpose of challenge.
Waiata song or chant which follows speech
Koha gift, present (usually money, can be food or precious items, given by guest to hosts)
Whare nui meeting house; in writing this is sometimes run together as one word – wharenui
Whare whakairo carved meeting house
Whare kai dining hall


Aroha compassion, tenderness, sustaining love
Ihi power, authority, essential force
Mana authority, power; secondary meaning: reputation, influence
Manaakitanga respect for hosts, or kindness to guests, to entertain, to look after
Mauri hidden essential life force or a symbol of this
Noa safe from tapu, non-sacred, not tabooed
Raupatu confiscate, take by force
Rohe boundary, a territory (either geographical or spiritual) of an iwi or hapü
Taihoa to delay, to wait, to hold off to allow maturation of plans etc.
Tapu sacred, not to be touched, to be avoided because sacred, taboo
Tiaki to care for, look after, guard (kaitiaki – guardian, trustee)
Taonga treasured possessions or cultural items, anything precious
Tino rangatiratanga the highest possible independent chiefly authority, paramount authority, sometimes used for sovereignty
Türangawaewae a place to stand, a place to belong to, a seat or location of identity
Wehi to be held in awe
Whakapapa genealogy, to recite genealogy, to establish kin connections
Whenua land, homeland, country; (also afterbirth, placenta

People and their groups

Ariki person of high inherited rank from senior lines of descent, male or female
Hapü clan, tribe, independent section of a people; modern usage – sub-tribe; (also to be born)
Iwi people, nation; modern usage – tribe; (also bones)
Kaumätua elder or elders, senior people in a kin group
Ngäi Tätou a way of referring to everyone present – we all
Päkehä this word is not an insult; its derivation is obscure; it is the Mäori word for people living in New Zealand of British/European origin; it would not have included, for example, Dalmatians, Italians, Greeks, Indians, Chinese etc.
Rangatira person of chiefly rank, boss, owner
Tama son, young man, youth
Tamähine daughter
Tamaiti one child
Tamariki children
Täne man, husband, men, husbands
Teina/taina junior relative, younger brother of a brother, younger sister of a sister
Tipuna/tupuna ancestor
Tuahine sister of a man
Tuakana senior relative, older brother of a brother, older sister of a sister
Tungäne brother of a sister
Wahine woman, wife (wähine women, wives)
Waka canoe, canoe group (all the iwi and hapü descended from the crew of a founding waka)
Whängai fostered or adopted child, young person
Whänau extended (non-nuclear) family
Whanaunga kin, relatives

Components of place names

Ordinary geographical features such as hills, rivers, cliffs, streams, mountains, and the coast, and adjectives describing them, such as small, big, little, and long are to be found in many place names; here is a list so you can recognise them:

Au current
Awa river
Iti small, little
Kai one of the meanings of kai is food; when it is tacked on to a place name it signifies a place where a particular food source was plentiful e.g. Kaiköura, the place where crayfish (köura) abounded and were eaten
Mänia plain
Manga stream
Maunga mountain
Moana sea, or large inland ‘sea’ e.g. Taupö
Motu island
Nui large, big

ö or o means ‘of’ (so does a, ä). Many names begin with ö, meaning the place of so-and-so e.g. ökahukura, ökiwi, öhau etc.

One sand, earth
Pae ridge, range
Papa flat
Poto short
Puke hill
Roa long
Roto lake (also means inside)
Tai coast, tide
Wai water
Whanga harbour, bay


E noho rä Goodbye (from a person leaving)
E haere rä Goodbye (from a person staying)
Haere mai Welcome!, Come!
Hei konä rä Goodbye (less formal)
Kia ora Hi!, G’day! (general informal greeting)
Mörena (Good) morning!
Nau mai Welcome! Come!
Tënä koe formal greeting to one person
Tënä körua formal greeting to two people
Tënä koutou formal greeting to many people
Tënä tätou katoa formal inclusive greeting to everybody present, including oneself

Body parts

Arero tongue
Ihu nose
Kakï neck
Kauae, kauwae chin
Köpü womb
Mähunga hair [when used for hair must always be used in plural, indicated by ngä (the, plural)], head
Manawa heart
Niho teeth
Poho chest [also called uma]
Puku belly, stomach
Ringa hand, arm
Toto blood
Turi knee [also known as pona]
Upoko head
Waewae foot, feet, leg, legs
The macron – a little line above some vowels – is used to indicate vowel length; some words which look the same have different meanings according to their vowel length; for example anä means ‘here is’ or ‘behold’: Anä te tangata! Here is the man! But ana, with no macron, means a cave. Some writers of modern Mäori double the vowel instead of using macrons when indicating a long vowel, so the first example would be Anaa te tangata!


ok so the blog is still under construction, so sorry about it being like blank but we’re working on it so PLEASE PLEASE check back and we promise there’s gonna be some awesome stuff on here, like competitions, polls (i don’t know where the one i made is :o), funny videos, jokes-that actually make you laugh, funny embarrassing stories of people we know, and general, random but cool stuff you can’t miss!! so keep checking back, and between tons of homework and other boring, mundane stuff we’re gonna keep updating it and in a matter of days this blog will be sparkling and glittering and totally AWESOME!

Any comments are welcome as you may already know, so if you have a question, suggestion or are just bored drop a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!!

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