One of my all time favourite cartoon characters has to be Garfield. And because I love him so much, I decided the lovable kitty should be our next Star Guest.

Here are some strange and terrifyingly detailed facts about the fat cat.

  • Garfield weighs 25 pounds.
  • His girlfriend is Arlene (in the comic strips).
  • He was born in an Italian Restaraunt in 1978.
  • Odie was originally Lyman’s (Jon’s ex-roomate) pet.
  • Garfield would marry Arlene if he wasn’t so in love with himself.
  • Garfield’s shape got a little thinner as the years passed.
  • He likes strong coffee.
  • His birthday is June 19.
  • On television, Garfield’s girlfriend is Penelope.
  • Stretch is Garfield’s wonderful rubber chicken.
  • Nermal is a boy
  • Garfield has an invisible friend named Clive.
  • Jim Davis won an Emmy for “Garfield in the Rough” in 1985, and again in 1989 for “Babes and Bullets”.
  • Odie’s birthdate is August 8, 1978.
  • Garfield was born in an Italian restaurant in 1978 which makes him 26.
  • Garfield found Pooky in Jon’s dresser drawer.
  • Garfield HATES spiders.
  • Garfield has a rubber chicken named Stretch.

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