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A Post A Week…

Since one of my New Years’ Resolutions has been to be less lazy and do more- I’ve decided to take up the WP PostAWeek challenge… and post a post EVERY SINGLE WEEK… THROUGHOUT 2011 😀

This won’t be easy, but we’re willing to give it a go. 🙂
So please help us by dropping a comment, a like, any response, no matter how small, it’s HUGE encouragement… Thanks guys!!

Rumour Has It: Part Two

I’m sure we’ve all heard myths and legends and urban legends of all sorts. A while back, we explored some of these. And now I’m back with some more widely believed and some rather… unheard of. 🙂

Myth #1: You can die by sucking/licking diamonds…

Total. Utter. Myth.
For a few reasons, actually.
Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man. Only a diamond can alter the surface of a diamond. You could lick or suck a diamond all you want for as long as you could and no actual substance of the diamond would go inside you. Apart from the dirt or whatever on the surface.

And even if you did somehow manage to ingest it, it wouldn’t kill you. It’s only carbon.

Of course, if the diamond is big enough and you swallow it… Well, you’d probably choke for starters, and if you survive that, the digestion problems could possibly cause  indirect death.

So, no you cannot die (directly) by eating diamonds.

Myth #2: A tooth left in a glass of Coke will dissolve overnight

This one is very common, I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard it.

And it’s a myth. It’s absolutely NOT true.

Coke will not dissolve a tooth, or a coin, or a nail… or any of the other four million variations of objects that have made the rounds for years. Sure, if a tooth is left long enough it will dissolve, but it doesn’t happen overnight, and even orange juice can do that to it.

So if sugar can dissolve a tooth (eventually) it must damage our teeth, right?


We don’t swish Coke around in our mouth for hours on end, right? It swishes around our mouth for a few seconds at a time. Tops. I hope… I mean, I don’t know what you do with your Coke if it stays there any longer! 😛 Besides, we’ve got all the slimy spit and “protective layers” on/around our teeth for a reason, right?

Myth #3: French Fries were an ACCIDENT :O

One fine day in the ‘Moon Lake House’ resort in Saratoga Springs, NY, a customer pissed off  head chef George Crum, by telling him his French Fries were too “thick and soggy” and “not salty enough”… The angry chef went on to cut thin slices of potato, fry them till they were brown and piled a mountain of salt on top, then served it to the critical customer.

The most loved snack of all time, invented, in a flurry of madness.

Well, how else do you think genius strikes?

It all makes for a fine tale, but how true is it, really?

Well, according to my sources, it’s authentic. But of course, like they all do, it’s been elaborated a bit as it got passed around and retold… so the rumour was that this customer was actually railroad magnate Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt…

Well, who knows… there’s always going to be some mystery around any story, so why is this chip-lore any different?

So the moral of the story here is take everything you hear with a grain of salt… 🙂

Happy Holidays everyone!

My Chemical Romance, NA NA NA: Lyrics

Excitement is in the air… since

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE’S NEW ALBUM Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys IS OUT TODAY!!

So line up those stores! 😀

Okay, so I’ve realized a lot of the lyrics you find to NA NA NA on the net are a bit off, but I found this version, which is pretty accurate, so I thought I’d put it up!

Look Alive Sunshine
109 in the sky but the pigs wont quit
You’re here with me
Dr. Death Defy
I’ll be you surgeon, your proctor, your helicopter
Pumpin’ up the slaughtermatic sounds to keep you live
A system failure for the masses
Anti-matter for the master plan
Louder than God’s revolver and twice as shiny
This ones for all you rock and rollers
All you crash queens and motivators

Listen up! The future is bulletproof!
The aftermath is secondary!
It’s time to do it now and do it loud


Drugs! Gimme drugs. Gimme drugs.
I don’t need it, but I’ll sell what you got,
take the cash and I’ll keep it.
Eight legs to the wall, hit the gas, kill them all.
and we crawl! and we crawl! and we crawl!
You Be My Detonator!

Love! Gimme love. Gimme love.
I don’t need it, but I’ll take what I want from your heart
and I keep it in a bag, in a box, put an X on the floor
Gimme more! Gimme more! Gimme more!

Shut up and sing it with me!
From mall security,
To every enemy,
We’re on your property,
Standing in V-formation.

Let’s blow an artery,
Eat plastic surgery,
Keep your apology.
Give us more detonation!

More. Gimme more
Gimme more

Oh, let me tell you about the sad man.
Shut up and let me see your jazz hands.
Remember when you were a madman,
Thought you was BATMAN!
And hit the party with a gas can.
Kiss me you animal!!


You run the company,
F*ck like a Kennedy,
I think we’d rather be
Burning your information.

Let’s blow an artery,
Eat plastic surgery
Keep your apology
Give us more detonation!

And right here, right now,
All the way in Battery City.
The little children, raise their open filthy palms, like tiny daggers up to heaven.
And all the juvie hall, and the ritalin rats,
ask angels made from neon and f*cking garbage scream out…
“What will save us?” and the sky opened up …

Everybody wants to change the world, everybody wants to change the world.
But no one, no one wants to die.
Wanna try?
Wanna try?
Wanna try?
Wanna try?
Wanna try?
I’ll be your detonator!


Make no apology,
It’s death or victory,
On my authority,
Crash and burn,
Young and loaded,
Drop like a bullet shell
Dress like a sleeper cell
I’d rather go to hell,,
Than be in purgatory.
Cut my hair.
Gag and bore me.
Pull this pin,
Let this world explode!

Demi Lovato, Rehab And All The Rumours In The World

It’s a Disney scene gone horribly wrong…

Word’s been out and about that Demi Lovato left her tour with the Jo Bros to check into a medical treatment facility.

What landed her here?

It’s a little more complicate than just Ashley Greene (Joe Jonas’ new girlfriend) tagging along everywhere they went.

In fact, it’s so complicated, due to the fifty-million different takes on what it is that caused her emotional breakdown. We’ve heard it all, from drug use to her secret boyfriend’s death.

So here it is:

Who wouldn’t find it hard to be touring with an ex his new girlfriend? But some of the gossip that’s surfaced is totally untrue, like the Jo Bros’ father telling Demi Lovato she was ‘going home’. That was a decision the 18 year old starlet made herself, ie nobody kicked her off or anything like that. And of course, there were other rumours that she made verbal threats toward Ashley Greene, which are also untrue. So now that we have those sorted, let’s move on…

Rumours are also going around that Demi was sniffing cocaine at some party in North Richland Hills, Texas. I am very, very skeptical about that as they have no evidence whatsoever to back that up. So I’m gonna say this is just that and nothing more-a rumour.

By the way, her publicist’s statement;  the statement read. goes to show, she’s not doing drugs. And I definitely think she is responsible for getting the help she needed, so people really need to stop getting a horse up their butts about it.

Demi’s been dealing with ’emotional and physical issues’, according to her publicist, for a while now. She posted a letter on the PACER’s Teens Against Bullying website last month, “.  A source reveals that Demi has “fought through eating disorders and has struggled with cutting.” and she is “taking control by seeking help”.  She has dealt with body image issues and bullying and in her own words, she “came out a stronger person”… but we can’t be strong forever. And the gossip sites aren’t really helping the cause either; she Tweeted, on October 19, 

Then came the latest rumour: the death of Demi’s secret boyfriend and aspiring musician, David Osborne. The 21-year-old Texan musician died in an accident while riding on a rubber tube down the Brazos River in July earlier this year. They met last December at a party and God, could it not be that they were JUST good friends? Is it necessary to hook EVERYONE up? Well, rumours are that they were dating and his death left Demi in shock. Wouldn’t it leave anyone in shock, even if they weren’t dating? Although this could be a contributing factor, as many bits and pieces were revealed; including an update on Demi’s Twitter page at the time (which has now been shut down) “Can’t wait to see you again in heaven… Texas isn’t the same without you… RIP Dave Osborn.” and a statement from Patrick Lovato, Demi’s dad, “She was really heartbroken. She was really in love with the guy. Bless her heart. She’s always been an honest person, what can I say?”
That’s quite true, she’s been the most honest out of most of the celebs you see.

And yeah, there was that point where she completely lost her bat with a dancer on tour at the Peru Airport (where Greene was present, but like we clarified she had nothing to do with it), which was the last straw for her. But obviously that wasn’t the reason she decided to go to rehab… And while people go on about this, they seem to completely forget that she’s only human-moreover, she’s 18, her whole life is under public scrutiny and if I was in her place, I would have snapped a Hell of a long time ago. She’s an over-worked teen. Get over it. Everybody has their bad days, you’d think we’d be human enough to grant her a few?

I guess asking for the help is the hardest part and she’s overcome that. I think if she’s asked for help, then she’s on a good road to recovery. Plus, she’s serving as a positive role model for struggling teens, possibly encouraging them to ask for help too.

Well, whatever it is, we wish her all the best. 🙂


Oh yeah, they’re BACK!

If you couldn’t tell by the ecstatic screaming and caps lock… I’m a HUGE fan 😀
And yes they are baaackk… well, they’ve been ‘back’ for a while, i just didn’t get around to writing up a post about it…
They’re releasing a new album; Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys on November 22 (the last day of my exams!) and I can’t freaking wait! It’s their fourth album and was produced by Rob Cavallo and will be released by Reprise Records… AND I CANNOT WAAAAIIIIT!!!

I’ve been waiting since forever for their next album and I gotta say- they didn’t disappoint. I’m seriously loving the concept: so basically it’s based around the lives of the “Fabulous Killjoys”, where Gerard Way plays Party Poison, Ray Toro plays Jet Star, Mikey Way Kobra Kid and Frank Iero Fun Ghoul. These guys are like a ‘group of outlaws’ who fight against an evil corp- yes you are so reading this correctly- Better Living in the year 2019.
And incase you haven’t heard, Bob Bryar left MCR under some ‘mysterious circumstances’ and they’ve got a new drummer, Mike Pedicone.

They released a trailer for their album on September 18 via their official YT account… :

And two songs, Na Na Na:

… and The Only Hope For Me Is You…

The best thing about it is that it’s not like I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love (2002) The Black Parade (2006), or Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (2004)… but there’s still this MCR feel to it. Like in ‘Na Na Na’ when he sings “standing in V-formation’ it kind of brings back a little bit of Three Cheers…

Enjoy 🙂

This New Theme…

Hey guys, you may have noticed that we’ve changed the theme of the blog and i realize it’s actually a little hard to read some of the content, and we’ve tried our best to change as much as possible (some of the more recent posts shouldn’t have this problem) but if there’s something we’ve missed out or it’s still hard to read or there’s any problem at all (links that don’t work, dud videos, whatever), just drop us a comment and we’ll have it fixed ASAP. 😛
btw the comments button is the little thing on the footer panel just below each post, in case you’ve missed it.  🙂


EMOTICON CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Emoticons. Or smileys, whichever you prefer…
Who doesn’t love them?


Okay, so I’ve been a little crazy these days and I thought why not put up a crazy post… ON EMOTICONS!
Plus, they’re everywhere; texts, emails, Facebook, IMs, on plain old paper, legal documents… okay, maybe not on those YET… but it’s not long before they appear. I mean, what better way to add emotion to your expressions and confuse people?


But it can get a little stale when the same ones appear in every conversation you have… again and again and yet… again.


So, we’re getting whacky and creative with with the keyboard on Ebony Ink like we do


😎  8 )
the geek. or the cool dude. depends on how you see it.

c[=     c(=
a cool variation on the classic and done to death =P or 😛

: o)    :o(    or    🙂    😦
the noses. oh so many noses. just beware they don’t look all that great on any face.

><   or   >.<
this is CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

downright cheeky.

='(   or    😥
the crying face. i don’t see a lot of these around these days. they’re all replaced with:

T.T    or   T_T
a little on the scary side but nevertheless… there are tears.

this is…. weird to say the looks a little like Chicken Little, don’t you think?

the ‘you idiot.’

the ‘are you for real’

the whole… eehhhhhh thing.

*.*   or   *_*
ZOMBIE-FIED!! or starstruck. whichever you prefer.

-_•    or   >_0   or   >_•
the best variations of the boooring -;)-

the ‘i can’t believe you’ eye flutter

yeah, i don’t know what it is. it’s easy though.

=S   or   =\
pretty standard ones… but i thought i’d throw it in there.

my personal favourite… THE MOUSTACHE MAN

and his trusty sidekick… the… uhh… THE LINE MAN!

That’s all for now… UNLESS…. unless, YOU, yes YOU have one to share? =-) (<—this is a classic example of where not to stick a nose)

One Picture One Thousand Words… Finally Upadated

Yeah, we’ve finally gotten around to it…

It gets a little bit hard trying to keep it all together with only the two of us working on a pretty wide range of things, but we try our best. 🙂
And we’ve finally added some new photos- ones that you will never have seen on Google or Flickr or anywhere else, I promise you, because we’ve taken them ourselves. Right here on Ebony Ink… well not here here… oh, you know what I mean…  x.x

Here’s a quick glimpse of what you’re gonna see on there:



Like what you see? Well there’s much more to see, so…

Click right here and we’ll zap you away…

Hope you guys enjoy it 🙂


if you guys have any cool pics that you’ve taken (meaning you own all the Copyrights and other odds and ends for it) we would really like to put them on here, so just send us an e-mail on titled ‘photos’ in the subject and we’ll put it in our One Picture One Thousand Words section, fully credited to you. 😀

Back to the Roots…

I take a lot of pride in where I come from and it can be a little hard sometimes to stay in touch with that part, but I try my best. And I guess the best way to do that is starting with the basics, so I’ve put together a page with a collection of amazing pictures I’ve found of an amazing town… 🙂

Click right here to check out the page 🙂

ps I realize the link wasn’t working before but we’ve fixed it.

Superhero Story

This is one of the stories that we put up who knows how long ago and we’re just updating it. Alisha and I are both going to be writing it. It’s a superhero story and in the process of being created in to a entertaining romance/action roller-coaster ride for our readers. Here’s a taste of what you’re looking in to:



The silence of the house replied to my un-ladylike shout.
“SETH! You f***ing MORON!”
No reply.
Cautiously I stepped in to Seth’s dark lounge. Everything was dark. When I got used to the dark, shadows of the scattered debris on the floor, along with the presence of the second hand sofa, made themselves slightly visible. Seth’s lounge was very tiny but as messy as a rubbish dump. There was only a long three seater couch, a small, broken television and a small ornament rack which had his keys, a photo of me and last night’s dinner on it. Seth was a slob.
I turned toward the door and searched for the light switch. I found it and switched it on but the light didn’t flicker on. Either bulb wasn’t working or he had forgotten to pay the bills. The latter seemed more possible. Sighing, I turned back to the lounge. Only then I noticed a bigger figure on the lounge. Anxiously, I crept closer. Yep, it was Seth, sleeping when he was supposed to pick me up for our date.
I found a candle and a matchbox on the table that held the keys and photos. In it’s light I saw Seth properly for the first time in the last two weeks.
Ohhh…he slept like a baby. Golden blonde hair tousled unkemptly under a handsome face that, even in sleep, showed his wild side. He was hugging the rugged cushion to himself and looked absolutely cute and at peace. The exact reason for my rage.
I put my hands on his shoulders and shook him as hard as I could.
“WAKE UP!” I shouted.
He jerked awake like someone had punched him on the face (something I barely restrained to do). Baby blue eyes widened as he saw me. For a second he looked confused. Then he sat up, grinning ear to ear.
“Hey, Portia!” he exclaimed, removing my hands from his shoulder and standing up as I straightened up. “Why are you dressed up? Headed to a party?”
I had to clench my fists to stop it flinging toward him to beat him up.
“No”, I said, through gritted teeth. “I’m waiting…”
He looked up from trying to straighten out his very messy hair. “Waiting for what?”
That did it.

If you like what you read up there, there’s more! Read the rest at the Superhero Story page under Stories and Beyond page or simply click this link to get there

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