Rumour Has It: Part Two

I’m sure we’ve all heard myths and legends and urban legends of all sorts. A while back, we explored some of these. And now I’m back with some more widely believed and some rather… unheard of. 🙂

Myth #1: You can die by sucking/licking diamonds…

Total. Utter. Myth.
For a few reasons, actually.
Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man. Only a diamond can alter the surface of a diamond. You could lick or suck a diamond all you want for as long as you could and no actual substance of the diamond would go inside you. Apart from the dirt or whatever on the surface.

And even if you did somehow manage to ingest it, it wouldn’t kill you. It’s only carbon.

Of course, if the diamond is big enough and you swallow it… Well, you’d probably choke for starters, and if you survive that, the digestion problems could possibly cause  indirect death.

So, no you cannot die (directly) by eating diamonds.

Myth #2: A tooth left in a glass of Coke will dissolve overnight

This one is very common, I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard it.

And it’s a myth. It’s absolutely NOT true.

Coke will not dissolve a tooth, or a coin, or a nail… or any of the other four million variations of objects that have made the rounds for years. Sure, if a tooth is left long enough it will dissolve, but it doesn’t happen overnight, and even orange juice can do that to it.

So if sugar can dissolve a tooth (eventually) it must damage our teeth, right?


We don’t swish Coke around in our mouth for hours on end, right? It swishes around our mouth for a few seconds at a time. Tops. I hope… I mean, I don’t know what you do with your Coke if it stays there any longer! 😛 Besides, we’ve got all the slimy spit and “protective layers” on/around our teeth for a reason, right?

Myth #3: French Fries were an ACCIDENT :O

One fine day in the ‘Moon Lake House’ resort in Saratoga Springs, NY, a customer pissed off  head chef George Crum, by telling him his French Fries were too “thick and soggy” and “not salty enough”… The angry chef went on to cut thin slices of potato, fry them till they were brown and piled a mountain of salt on top, then served it to the critical customer.

The most loved snack of all time, invented, in a flurry of madness.

Well, how else do you think genius strikes?

It all makes for a fine tale, but how true is it, really?

Well, according to my sources, it’s authentic. But of course, like they all do, it’s been elaborated a bit as it got passed around and retold… so the rumour was that this customer was actually railroad magnate Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt…

Well, who knows… there’s always going to be some mystery around any story, so why is this chip-lore any different?

So the moral of the story here is take everything you hear with a grain of salt… 🙂

Happy Holidays everyone!


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