The High Tech Writer…

Being a bit of a techie and writer myself, I know what it’s like to have an idea pop up in your head in the middle of no where…

Sure you can quickly jot it down on a mini pad- or something similar, but then again, how much cooler and convenient would it be to use one of these:

1. The G-Note 7100 from Genius is a digital note-taking tablet with two digital pens. It requires no special paper like most other devices of the kind, just normal paper. All doodles can be transferred onto a computer by connecting the G-Note to a computer. How cool is that?

2. The OQO E2 handheld computer-super convenient, plus it’s a computer, so it saves you the trouble of having to go through too much trouble learning how to use the thing. It’s pretty compact too, just slip it in your bad and taa-daa!

OQO E2 Handheld Computer

3. Zeee one and only… iPad from Apple. I have to be  honest, I’m a  little obsessed with the thing =) but c’mon, who doesn’t wanna be seen with one of these babies? Throw in the added bonus of the tons of ultra-awesome touch screen and interactive features, games, video and music compatibility and thousands of apps- it’s gotta be the funnest way to work. And get distracted.

That’s what I came up with what with the growing workload I have at the moment, I wasn’t quite able to finish the list so go ahead and finish it for me if you like!

Drop a comment with any recommendations =)


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