Taylor Swift Pranked…

This is so funny. Check it out!

Here’s the rest of the interview…

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4 responses to “Taylor Swift Pranked…

  • red ring of death

    She’s beautiful and she’s certainly talented, but I’ll be glad when she’s over high school and starts singing about something other than teenage angst and puppy love.

  • make solar panel

    Shes a nice sweet girl but has the talent of a lot of girls you can meet in your local coffee shop. Sadly being able to write your own songs is somehow “unique” in today’s media. Almost all the artists the Grammy awards had were overrated. No offense to your taste but you need to look past the top 40 radio and music videos. And actually listen to artists who can write, sing, and play. Think about it music like this. When you are listening to a song imagine in coming out of a grotesque person the opposite sex of the singer. Now is that song still beautiful does it change you and how you feel?

    • ebonyink

      yeah, that’s true, almost all the teenage artist these days are overrated and very few rise to fame due to talent. From what i think, swift is much better off than miley or justin bieber (no offense to either, i mean it’s just my personal opinion). i respect her because she’s managed to keep out of the dirt for longer than most teen stars do. i think she’ll go a long way because she has the mature attitude.
      and besides- top 40 or topping the charts music is really not relevant, because a song doesn’t have to be new to be good.
      thanks for the insightful comment… 🙂

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