Happy Boxing Day!

To everyone…go shopping! It’s Boxing Day so there’s gonna be heaps of stuff on sale! Otherwise,  you should just totally relax out after hard-core partying that was bound to have taken place yesterday or continue to hard-core party!

In any case, we’ve put up this post to let you people kno why Boxing Day is Boxing Day. So, this is what i got from About.com. Go ahead, check it all out…

Boxing Day, a national public holiday in Australia and New Zealand, is celebrated yearly on December 26, a day after Christmas Day.

No, it has nothing to do with two gloved men sparring on a canvas square ringed by ropes and trying to knock each other out.

In Australia, Boxing Day is also the day the peril-fraught Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race begins.

For many, in places where shops open on this public holiday, it is also the start of the post-Christmas bargain shopping season.

Boxing Day got its name from an old tradition when employers boxed gifts for their workers on the day after Christmas.


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