New “New Moon” Pics…

okay, like i said i am not a twilight fan anymore but i’m still sorta a Taylor Lautner fan and i definitely like Dakota Fanning’s red eyes. So i went in to the net, explored around a little and found the latest pics/posters of New Moon…



only one problem with Taylor Lautner…his face doesn’t seem to be in proportion with his body and his arms are too muscular for a young dude. Just a thought. Taylor Lautner fans please don’t take it too deep in to your hearts.


To be honest, i find this image a tad bit disturbing specially the first time i saw it…and what is up with Edward’s eyes? He looks like he’s been crying for an hour before this photo shoot! No offence Edward…and it doesn’t look too bad on him, anyway.

While i’m at it, i’ll add in the New Moon trailer (although it’s been ages since it was released)…


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