Ranting on Randomly…

So we found out that our blog’s not going that well. We are actually getting a lot of comments now but the views are going down. In any case, we’ll continue posting and updating so more of you will come on!

Well, i was just thinking, moments ago as i stopped writing because my sis was laughing at my dancing skills (i wasn’t dancing, she was just remembering some of my previous attempts at dancing) and i completely blanked out on what i was writing about. So i thought i would take a break and come check out our blog and update some pages and stuff. And then i get on the comp, dragged the heater all the way to my room from the lounge and settled on my chair to write and…nothing. I had no idea what i was writing. First i thought i would update the movie page and put up Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince up but then i thought that wouldn’t be a gud thing to put up as it’s a bit common and all. So, i started up this post and named it ranting on randomly because that’s exactly what i’m doing…

So, while i’m ranting on randomly, i’m going to put up some Harry Potter posters. I was on Meg Cabot’s website (yeah, i’m a fan of her books…if you guys have read the latest update on the books section you’ll see what  i mean) and i saw this post about the Harry Potter posters. It was pretty interesting. She commented on a lot of the posters and what she said was true. I could’ve got u guys a link or somthing for that post on Meg Cabot’s website but i just went back and tried to find it and couldn’t. Damn it, i should have favourited that page. Anyway there was this poster with Malfoy looking like he’s just seen a ghost and he’s curious about it (?). The Malfoy on the poster was actually supposed to be angry. The poster goes something like this…

See what i mean? He does look pretty bad. No offence to Malfoy. There are better posters of Malfoy and i don’t think this was necessary, really.

Mag Cabot also mentioned something about Ron Weasley which occured to me as the simple truth. In all the poster, he looks muscular, tough and all macho man and unlike the funny, scared-to-death-of-spiders dude we’ve grown up knowing. That’s just totally wrong, making Ron all macho man. Although in the book, he kind of becomes attractive to two girls and all, he still stays the same Ron as he was for the past countless number of Harry Potter years!

And then there’s the other poster, which Meg Cabot also commented on, which make it seem like the whole Ron-Lavender-Hermione love triangle is such a major thing. The poster makes Hermione seem like an absolutely love struck, jealous teenager, hurt to the core. This was not the case in the book. She was jealous and confused but not that jealous. You’ll see what i mean when you see this poster…

Look and see for yourself. This poster not only makes Hermione seem like a bitter, jealous teen but totally pronounce out the machoism of Ron which, as we all know, is so out of what’s happening in the reality (if you can call Harry Potter reality) of the Harry Potter world.

Okay, guys, don’t mistake me. I really like Harry Potter and can’t wait to watch the movie and i appreciate the fact that they’ve bothered to make the series in to movies but sometimes i think the movies are always running on a different track to the books. Sometimes they’ve changed so much of the movie it’s just so annoying. I guess you can’t completely blame the people who make it (i mean, the books are sooooo long and it must be so hard to cut it down to a two hour movie). In any case, i think they’ve done a good job and i hope they make the seventh movie quickly! That reminds me…does any of you guys know why they delayed the release of Harry Potter 6??? Wasn’t it supposed to be released in December or something?? Some people were saying that the release was due to Twilight being released at that time but then that was contridicted and said to be false. So anyone know why?? Leave a comment and tell me why if you do know!

By the way, u know i was watching Harry Potter 2 yesterday and i found this mistake they’ve made in HP2. It was in the scene in Diagon Alley when Hagrid brings Harry back from Knockturn Alley. He meets Hermione and she fixes Harry’s glasses but she couldn’t really do that because underage wizards aren’t allowed to perform magic outside of school! Yeah, one glitch spotted…

While on the HP subject, i want to show you guys a poster of HP6 which is, sofar, my fave…

Yeah, pretty interesting, aye?

Well, that’s the end of my rant. I guess it was a good rant with the info i gave you there. Actually, it was more opinions that info in that post. Anyway, i hope you leave us a comment and come back soon!!

Later!! Face Plant PS: Omigosh!!!! Don’t you just find that smiley adorable…


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