Star Guest Report

Okay, so it is decided that the next Star Guest is going to be….Fred Weasley!

I know this is totally different from the murderers and cute cartoons that we usually put up but this is  just little something for some Harry Potter Fans…a group which i totally belong to. Some of my mates…they think i’m a total geek for liking harry potter but u knw, that’s just me. So, all in all, i have decided to make Fred Weasley our next Star Guest. If you’re a total fan and read HP, you wud know that Fred, even though totally amazing and funny, died on the last book. that was one shock i’m still not over…

So, Fred’s gonna be starring in our blog in the near future and all you harry potter fans (and the curious not-so-in-to-HP lot), come on and find out some real good stuff about Fred that you probably didn’t know before!

Later and hope you come back for the real stuff about Fred Weasley!

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