SO, i gotta admit…i never really thought we would get 100+ views, and now we’re over 200+, and i’m pretty wowed! i mean, it’s not like the blog’s much, it’s actually pretty low key and all. And the fact that it all went from like 12 views (as embarrassing as it is, i gotta be honest, only 12) to like 200+ in the course of less than three weeks, i mean, it’s a sort of big deal to us! And it also makes us want to improve it more, because it’s like a run down construction site at the mo, but we’re hoping we can gradually improve it but we’re running out of ideas…so any help is much appreciated.

Weeelll, just wanted to share that with you people, and yeah, that’s about it.

OH and the fact that i found out the speakers on Macs are under the thing. (i’ve been meaning to put that up, i just didn’t want to tick Hafsa off by putting useless things up and scaring people away-just today someone called me a ‘weirdo’ and walked off-but i think the views update is a valid enough reason to be posting posts uneededly (YES i know that’s probably not a word)!!)

ps i jsut realized that i put brackets IN my brackets. lol! who else does that?


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