Science period’s over, that test is over, education is GONE for the next two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s the HOLZ!!!!!

YAY!!! i am sooo happy i feel like dancing…lol, that wouldn’t be so gud…

anyway, school’s over and i have two whole weeks to do a lot of things that school practically bans from my life! This includes a whole lot of writing and of course, what’s becoming my second favourite hobby, working on this blog. So this means, people, that hafsa’s on the move! So, even though, we ARE running out of ideas and would love comments from you, hopefully with  some advice and ideas in them, we will still keep all the pages updated and specially, the story that i have started. that page (Seth Maddox) didn’t get many views but i’ll add some more bits in and wait a little longer to see if it should still stay.

Omigosh! Added to all this freedome, i just found out that i may be going to Mt Ruapehu over the holz. If you’re in NZ, you’d know Mt Ruapehu is one place worth visiting. If we do go, I will bring back some awesome photos and stories to share! It’s another thing to look forward.

So people, enjoy your two week break and make sure you come on to our blog often and check out some stuff. You guys aren’t leaving a lot of comments and me and Alisha would really appreciate some comments. So please leave us what you think no matter how brutal it is and visit us again to see what’s new!!



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